Success Stories

Rayphina Fomai


Rayphina Fomai':  Carl Sandburg High School
Illinois class 3A state qualifier in discus, 2014, 18th in state
All-time best discus: 119' 6"
Carl Sandburg High School shot put record holder, all-time best 38' 6-1/4"

Alexis Adams


Alexis Adams:  Riverside-Brookfield High School
Illinois class 2A state qualifier in discus and shot put, 2010, 3rd in state (discus), 12th in state (shot put)
Riverside-Brookfield H.S. record holder in discus
All-time best discus: 125' 1"
All-time best shot put: 38' 1

Colin Madison


Colin Madison:  Willowbrook High School
Illinois class AA shot put, 8th in state 2005, state champion 2006, 2nd in state 2007
3-time sectional champion
3-time outdoor WSG Conference champion
Willowbrook High School shot put record holder
All-time best shot put:  62' 1"

Alex Granrath


Alex Granrath:  Willowbrook High School
Illinois class AA state qualifier in discus, 2004 and 2005
17th in state in 2004, 4th in state in 2005
Willowbrook High School record holder in discus
All-time best discus:  175' 9"

Alexandra "Z" Anderson


Alexandra Anderson:  Hickory Creek Junior High School
12th in discus at 2016 IESA State Meet (7th grade)
2017 IESA state qualifier in discus
All-time best discus: 90' 1"

Abena Atuobi


Abena Atuobi:  Warren High School
5th in class 3A shot put at 2017 IHSA State Meet
All-time best shot put: 45' 4"

Maddi Overton


Maddi Overton:  Dekalb High School

9th Place, IHSA 3A discus, 2019

All time best discus: 124' 9"

Miranda Cadwell


Miranda Cadwell:  Plainfield South High School

3rd Place, IHSA 3A discus, 2019

2md Place, IHSA 3A shot put, 2019

All time best shot put: 44' 9"

All time best discus: 139' 7"

Bailey Bertrand


Bailey Bertrand:  Marengo High School

8th Place , IHSA 2A shot put

3rd Place, IHSA 2A discus

All time best shot put: 37' 8"

All time best discus:  137'6"

Tyler Marchert


Tyler Marchert:  Hickory Creek Middle School

State Champion, 2016 IESA state meet (discus, 140' 8", 7th grade)

4th place shot put, 2016 IESA state meet: 40' 3"

2nd place discus, 2017 IESA state meet: 150' 9" (8th grade)

6th place shot put, 2017 IESA state meet: 43' 6"

Sam Satterfield


Sam Satterfield: Ottawa High School

11th place 3A discus, 2018 IHSA state meet

11th place 3A shot put, 2018 IHSA state meet

All time best shot put: 40' 5"

All time best discus:  126' 6"

Rebecca Beltran


Rebecca Beltran:  Tinley Park High School

11th place shot put,  2018 IHSA state meet

7th place discus, 2018 IHSA discus

9th place discus, 2019 IHSA state meet

All time best shot put: 36' 4-1/2"

All time best discus: 121' 1"

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Joe Adams (5'11", 181 lbs.): Riverside-Brookfield High School, senior, All-Conference, discus, 146' 9", 2009

Brian Scholtes (5'10", 176 lbs.):  Willowbrook High School, junior, 6th best in school history in shot put, 51' 0-3/4" (spin technique), 2000

Alex Salinas:  WIllowbrook High School, discus best 151' 8", 2003

Chase Woolery:  Sandburg High School, shot put best 51' 1", discus best 141' 1", 2016

Clara Macheras:  Warren High School, sophomore, shot put best 38' 2", discus best 99' 4", 2017