Throws Training: Impact Shot Put, Discus, and Javelin Training Club

Welcome to the Club!

  Welcome to Impact Throwing Academy track and field training!  Impact sports club offers throws training and personal training for shot put, discus, and javelin in Chicago and the suburbs. Here is where you will start your journey to became an elite shot putter, discus thrower, or javelin thrower.  Whether you've never picked up a shot put or are an advanced thrower, Coach Jeff Kajtsa will help you reach and surpass your goals in the track and field throwing events, and take you to the next level.  You will learn the basics of the throws, then move into more advanced concepts, such as biomechanics and the physics of the throws.  Many different drills, along with many different types of equipment and throwing implements, will be used to keep the practices interesting and productive.  Through the training and video review, you will be able to see your mistakes, and know what to do to correct them.  Impact's philosophy is not just "here's what to do", but also "why we're doing it", and how the training applies to it.     With Impact Throwing Academy shot put, discus, and javelin training, you will become a "medal taker and a record breaker", and during your time getting there, you will have fun! 

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