Winter Indoor Training Locations


Impact 's winter locations are at the G4G gym, Going for Greatness, in Elmhurst, IL, and the Players Indoor Sports Complex in Naperville, IL. G4G is located at 503 W. 3rd Street, Elmhurst, IL.   G4G has limited throwing indoors, but is suitable for medicine ball and drill work.  G4G is available December through March, all days of the week.  Players is for group training.  More details are found on the Upcoming Events page.

Primary Outdoor Training Location

Impact's primary outdoor training location is Hammerman Field. 485 Crane Ave, in

Impact's spring, summer, and fall primary training location is Hammerman Field, 485 Crane Ave, in Aurora IL.  Hammerman Field is a fully functional outdoor throwing facility, equipped with two discus cages and a shot put pit with two throwing rings.

Secondary Outdoor Training Location


Impact's secondary outdoor training location is at Schafer Elementary School, 700 E. Pleasant Lane, Lombard, IL.  Schafer uses portable shot put and discus rings, and throwing is done from the parking lot into the adjacent field.


Bailey working on shot put glides at G4G Gym in Elmhurst


Paul winding up to unleash the discus at Hammerman Field


Hailey at Schafer School, working on balance

Practice Detail

Claire demonstrating the discus power position with a latex tube

Full Practice sessions will usually last between 1 hour and 2 hours.  There will first be a 5-minute minute warm-up, which includes dynamic stretching.  Depending on the day, there may be plyometric work immediately after the warm-up, to help build explosiveness.  Any agility and/or mobility training will follow the warm-up session.  The practice will then move into specific throws technique work, with or without throwing, using selected drills.  Some film analysis will be included. 
   Sessions may either be one-on-one (one athlete with the coach), a group training when available, or an open throwing session with limited drill work.



USATF Membership

All athletes, upon arrival on their first day of practice,will be required to submit a signed liability waiver and proof of USATF membership (USA Track and Field).  Click on the links below for the Impact liability waiver form and a direct link to USATF's website for membership.  Be sure to be dressed for practice, which includes proper workout clothing, running shoes, towel, and water bottle, if needed.  Throwing shoes will not be necessary for beginners at first, but will eventually be needed as the athlete progresses in their technique, and the drills become more event-specific.  Throwing shoes are available online and at specialty stores, but not at regular chain sporting goods stores.  Coach Kajtsa can help in obtaining throwing shoes, if necessary.  Contact the coach for details

USATF Membership link

Free Club T-Shirt!

Athletes that sign a training agreement or participate in three practices will receive a free Impact club T-shirt!

Impact Liability Waiver Form Download

Impact Liability Waiver Form (pdf)


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Outside of the USATF membership fee, Impact Throwing Academy's rates for private one-on-one practices through the end of october, are $40 for a session at one hour, $50 at 1-1/2 hours, and $60 for two hours.  New clients will receive a discount on the first practice.
Monthly "package deal" memberships for a set number of practices on future dates can be paid for in advance as well at reduced hourly rates. 
Spring, summer, and fall training programs to be held at Hammerman Field, Aurora, will have schedules posted on the "Training" page.  The fee for any of the training programs are $400 each.

Cancellations/no show policy:  Due to client demands for sessions, any client who misses a scheduled practice or cancels within 18 hours of the set scheduled time will be assessed a $10 fee.
 Any questions, please contact Coach Kajtsa

Matthew, Reece, and Alex at the 2018 USATF Junior Olympics

Matthew, Reece, and Alex at the 2018 USATF Junior Olympics

Clinics and visits

Coach Jeff at the Glazier Track and Field Clinic, Westin Hotel, Itasca, IL.

Speaking Clinics

Coach Kajtsa is available for conducting clinics and seminars on shot put and discus technique.  Please call or email for more information and details.

Coach Jeff at Channahon J.H.S. for a clinic

School Visits

Need help with your track team throwers?  An athlete is having a technical problem, and can't figure out how to fix it?  Contact Coach Kajtsa for a visit to your school!  Either a school clinic, or a visit to a practice for some advice are a couple of options!

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